Saturday, April 28, 2018


It's my second Cirque du Soleil show and I must say I love a good circus. I'm sore that I didn't see them in any of the times I was in Vegas ( I didn't even see David Copperfield ) , but this is good stuff. This one is less remarkable than the one in Andorra, but that could be just how fast I've become absorbed with it all.

You wouldn't be able to enjoy shows like this if you aren't in the city. True. But I also don't have to put up with transit. I forgot to wear perfume today and in the metro I had a difficult time holding my breath. I'm smelling my hair right now and it's kind of... sour. I might need to learn to drive, after all. Now that I think about it, self-driving cars are entirely unreliable. I'm going to drive a vintage car. Driving a stick, what they say. No wait. Not driving a stick... I'm sure they can modify a vintage car so that it's automatic. I know nothing about cars... this can wait.

​What was the other thing I wanted to talk to you about... yeah, I'm sure now there is a group of people that's anti-Amazon aka like me. I buy thing exclusively not-on-Amazon. I have so many good reasons. I'm really sure there are people who understand that and try to do the same. I also have no trust in brands who market mainly on social media.

I have white t shirts too. What I said the other day. It's just that I don't wear them out. They're my underwear / lounge wear.

I'm not going to Italy this year. I'm not going to Russia for the next Heroes concert. And I'm not going to Poland (again) for the game music festival. They all sound fun but... I'm honestly tired. I'd rather focus on work.

I've also been trying really hard to have sex with Gin in the past few days. It's been so long, but I think I'm still best attuned to Maya. The good thing is once I have a based model (rigged), I can expand into a full cast. The second person I'm considering is Jotaro. This is where I discover that most guys I like are fully clothed and wearing hat. I don't even want to see them naked. Nudity puts me off for some reason. I think it's pretty hot when you have sex while wearing clothes, which probably all people irl are against, so it will never happen in reality. I think it's probably uniqueness. Naked bodies all look the same to me- within the same body type, I mean.

I don't know. I'm really, really fond of uniqueness. That's why I'm into characters who don't have excessive development. That way they stay unique and leave some room for imagination.

Why is it that anime & manga always make hot & cool guys wear those two key color codes- that shade of green and that shade of purple?

You gotta be hot and you gotta be cool.

Some books bore me so I deleted them. I tried to finish Dumb Beast & Dead Philosophers, it's actually well written, like I want to finish it, but I don't think I can. Some day, maybe. Right now I want to focus on profiles, if you know what I mean. It's one account, yeah, but it's somewhere to start. It's better than all these distractions.

I thought about attending a yoga class but I don't like the yoga instructor bending my stiff frame. Like it's so embarrassing. Those yoga instructors are probably my age and while they're soft as a boiled noodle I'm probably hard as a... a dry noodle? No, forget about it. There is no way I'm signing up in a gym and be like a hamster either so I guess I'll just do 100 sit-ups / day or something. If I were in Barceloneta I'd go jog on the beach. I still can, but the jog would be to and from Barceloneta.

God, I don't have that kind of time.

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