Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Can I solve a murder case ?

The city ajuntament is looking for a man in this building. Something to do with an illegal airbnb rental? I get it, this is a highly coveted area. But what if it's a murder case? I mean on a completely unrelated note. What if there is actually an active murder case- can I solve it?

I saw some people running when the truck attack happened last year. I paid my condolences after - but that case wasn't really "solvable", you know? Even terrorist attacks are solvable, but I'm clueless when it comes to religion-motivated ones. Not that I don't get religion, I don't get religious people, if that makes any sense.

Anyways, it's just laughable to me that people out there actually believe bullshit "surveys" that find "Norwegians to be the happiest people on the planet", "Swedes to be the most progressive" etc. etc. Who believes that? Those countries have to buy reports like that to make themselves feel better. How come every common idiot thinks it's paradise over there? Good Golly, most Swedes I come across are just average human beings and almost all Swedes I read about and come in indirect contact with are some sort of delinquent. This one, too. Boy, these people think they're immune from whatever others have to abide because they possess that fake reputation. They love breaking rules and they think they're so special. I don't get it. Hope the city ajuntament catch that Swede guy.

Can I solve a murder case? I don't know. Most cases aren't laid out like you read in books or see on screens. There is actually one case that I want to solve, the case I told you about. But it's more about the fear that girls like me are being kidnapped and murdered. I guess every girl faces that danger. To wear heels that make it hard to run is suicidal- even if it only happens 0.1% of the time. I don't know.

Every girl... every girl... what are we doing?

The webinar is going to start. I'll tell you about it after... maybe.

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