Saturday, April 28, 2018


I scrubbed myself clean this morning. I don't know why I felt so filthy, I'm such a clean freak now. My neck is a little better now, too. Anyhow, I feel fresh. And I tried on Penhaligon's Coveted Duchess Rose and I'm just... I'm just smitten. I get her.

Fragrance is kind of like drugs to me, I guess.

A horror story: when I was in boot camp in 7th grade, I was sleeping in bunk bed in this dorm with probably at least ten other girls. And I would look up and stare at the light (I do stupid things like that) and I can never forget that there was a dead mouse in there. You can see the shape clearly. Till this day I cannot figure out how did it get in there. Do mice scale walls? So someone must have put it there. But why. Why. Why would anyone put a mouse in the light in a military base.

But the part that has to do with fragrance is, our dorm was next to the shared bathroom. It stank. My bunk bed was close to the door too so it stank even more. Someone, one of the girls, had the foresight to bring perfume to the boot camp. We were 12-13. To this day I'm still in awe of her. Like, she's attending a boot camp, and she came prepared with a bottle of fragrance. I mean, I just... I only see it now. But back then she would spray a lot of it around the door area so it would cover up the stink that's coming from the toilet and the result is actually a mix of both. It was a very, very putrid and unforgettable smell. It kind of ruined that particular flavor of rose for me. I haven't considered anything rose ever since... until today. The Coveted Duchess Rose kind of restored my faith in rose scent a little bit.

But that girl was so great though. I feel like she's more mature than all of us.  Like, how did she just know.  It was just incredible. I would've never thought of that. Props to her.

I've really been through a lot, Diary.

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