Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"anonymous crow"

I felt confident enough today to un-publish my Facebook page. This has nothing to do with its recent scandals or whatnot, it's pure reasoning. I don't need Facebook, and although I've had success with its ads, I won't need to advertise on Facebook. Therefore I can drop the whole platform.

I checked my competitors - or should I say, "my peers", and they aren't really on Twitter or anywhere else either. And this is when I realized: we are not collectively abandoning these platforms, we just don't need them in the first place. All of these social media platforms will fail one way or the other, and they're useless to us.

On a personal level, I'm hoping it will revert to early 2000s, where everyone had a blog and put thoughts and took initiatives to make it good and shared information with everybody. Corporations will always mine your data, but at least what you put out for free, what you want the whole world to see isn't behind a registration wall- you don't have to go to different pools- a site, an app, etc, to get it. It doesn't have to be this complex. We should all stand for ourselves.

I don't know- I don't know when that will be or if people will be okay being brain-dead. That's OK. I still have peers. I know what they're doing, and I'm comfortable with that.

I need to concentrate.

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