Friday, March 16, 2018

Weird Feelings

You know how there are some weird feelings, like confusion...

​Stephen Hawking passed away yesterday. It just turned 16th, so just so you know, I meant 14th. And how removed it was, I mean, just the impact, how uninterruptedly the world went about its business after is amazing. No one can make a great impact now. I'm not saying he is the person to make an impact, but he should make a dent in the present day history, and I'm not feeling it. All the reports feel superficial, and the people who make passing comments make it all about themselves.

If "selves" matter, there should be one self that matters. At least direct all the eyes to one person at sometimes. I don't know what this "decentralized" future will look like. It looks abysmal from where I'm standing. And it's not like people don't have things to focus on, the world is more polarizing than ever- the whole point of decentralization- where it takes place is within one's own mind. This extreme selfhood that excludes any external greatness. So we won't see any external greatness. People are just living in boxes mixing butter, flour, eggs and water in different proportions creating essentially the same food. That's my cooking experience. I can't take it too seriously. I mean, the whole monkey typewriter situation- are we just merely exhausting our options, effectively what the monkeys do, but less efficient?

I'm just wondering if people do achieve that utter freedom, what would they care about. If you think the billionaires provide a good clue I think it looks pretty grim. It's a generalization but I find them to be uninspiring.

Also, I think we should be a lot more careful to start internet business now. Especially if it's a function. The only difference between an one man dev and a full fledged firm might just be a marketing budget, and the most stable business is utility. I just saw the alternate news bot, I actually had that idea for a website that for every key event there are news links from different sources. I still think it's great to have an archive rather than a bot roaming on a transient forum but, now I think limiting to "journalism" is short-sighted, if I add the quotation marks myself. No. It's really about how people digest information. I even doubt if it should be a website rather than an application. Information structure is crucial in every sense and every context, it may even, no it will dictate how this thing is programmed. I'm constantly looking for the best tree, it's like how I told you about the difference between Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica.

But yeah. Good night.

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