Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Sorry, Tom

So I used to buy myself domain names as birthday present just because they're unique. Today "Tom" wrote to ask if one of them is up for sale because he wants to start a website or something. I tried to reply but then I discovered that it would actually come from my email and the whole WHOIS protection would be for nothing. I have no way to let Tom know other than renewing it for another 2 years. Hopefully he sees the update in the record.

There are a lot of new TLDs being offered in recent years, but the short .com names are still pretty precious. I've let a few go but I like them. I don't know why "bitmaid" fits me, but it's here now. It's actually not that important. Nothing is that important. Holding on to these unimportant things is what makes us human. I'm mad for other reasons.

I just, I'm just extremely tired and irritated right now. I fucking hate the popular shows or personalities or whatevers. I came across an article about Plato the other day and I'm just so sore that someone from BC is so much more interesting and philosophically relatable than any person even scholars today. I'm in pain. I'm actually in pain and it actually makes me despair.

Hopefully it was my last trip to Ripollet today. No I know it was.

I mean what else is there. Oh I tried Pacari. I was skeptical but it turned out to be the best chocolate I've had. I'm saying better than Godiva and Neuhaus cause it doesn't have excessive sugar and is just plain goodness with its ingredients. I mean.

And things are just ripping for no reason. There is a hole in my PJ top for no reason. I couldn't have clawed it in my sleep, right? Then my Rag & Bone shirt also has a rip in front. Then I cut a piece of tablecloth while handling the tulips, and yeah, looks like the tulips are dying. Why are they always dying? Why can't I handle flowers?

I don't know. I'm very annoyed.  I'm angry now. I refuse to join in the random acts of "having fun", just have no purpose and be like... and I'm so tired of reading about politics. All the drilling into inconsequential details, dramatizing hugely irrelevant stuff. It's painful. It's painful. I don't know if it's peacetime that makes it painful or overpopulation or something. It's sad. It's sad and painful. Nobody can blow my mind anymore. I want my mind blown. Nobody tells me things that make me wonder anymore. People are busy sharing trivia, who gives a fuck?

I'm fucking incensed.

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