Thursday, March 15, 2018

Shit It Out

I know this isn't how normal people approach food but anti- intuitively I think it helps me think differently about food when I remind myself that I have to shit it out. I made myself two hotdogs this morning, the bread tastes like saw dust and the franks were no good. It just put me off completely. I'm like, eww, this isn't food. I even decided I will never eat hotdogs again.

But what convinced me that I made the right decision to toss it all in the bin was the thought of having to shit out the hotdogs the next day. It's just awful that I would have to make my body process that. It just occurred to me it does no less damage to me than making myself sit through an inane movie or read a pointless book, and that deeply terrifies me. Why would I subject myself to process garbage food if I'm so allergic to garbage entertainment and such? Just because the processing doesn't take place in my head doesn't mean there aren't no consequences.

I'm really pissed off now. I should start thinking about after effects. I honestly don't want any waste whatsoever so it's really.. there is really no reason to not eat well.

I understand this may mean I have to actually hit the markets more often than I want, but if I have to , I have to.

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