Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sex and the City is such a toxic show

It's a show about how a group of women take a tiny portion of men's life (the romance) and make it the entirety of their own life.  It's so fucking pathetic. Oh God. It's so sad. It's too sad. They have to... they force themselves to do it. When the man dresses casually, they spend hours getting ready- it's like in real life. Unbelievable. Why would you... when he's not... I don't get it. It's such a sad, toxic show. Good Lord. I want to shoot Carrie Bradshaw in the face. This show makes women seem so superficial and unimportant. Poor Miranda, the writers have to ruin a good character with "Steve". Good Lord. I can't. I hope the show is dead, like no one will remember it in 5 years. I don't know. Is that going to happen? Dear God. Dear me. Maybe some women are born and meant to live this way. I hope and pray to God I never, never, NEVER EVER!! encounter them.

The thing is you can't tell by the smell of their breath - or could you - I wouldn't know, but I know I can't - the point is, I don't even want to hear the words that come out of a mouth which has given a blow job. I mean, can you imagine? How can someone eat ass or give blowjobs and have the nerve to talk to people? I shudder at the thought of this. Don't talk to me with your stinky mouth that has swallowed a dick. They're everywhere. They really can't be talking. If you gave a blowjob (willingly) then your mouth is for giving blowjobs, and not talking, or even eating. Go give blowjobs until you starve to death. I mean, some things people invented, right? The goat fuckers, the blowjobs, the anals, whatever. These things will never seem "alright" "one day". Never. It's just never going to happen.

It makes me want to barf.

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