Saturday, March 10, 2018

Set- up 1

I thought you- I- might want to upload my life pictures from time to time, since I said I'm going to take this thing seriously from now. To be honest, I can never get used to taking pictures with a phone. It's not only because I'm still holding an iPhone 5 from 4 years ago I used to study iOS and its picture quality is grainy and abysmal as fuck- on that note, can I just say how absurd phone prices are nowadays? It's supposed to have gone down, it has not. It has gone up. Give me a break. If I'm going to get a new phone- and I will only get one if this one breaks- or its battery lasts less than 24 hours unused, I'm going to get one of them Google Pixels. But the other day I found out it's $900 or something. For a phone. Please. I'm considering the utility. I make roughly 2 calls a months and decline basically all incoming calls. I spend less than 10 minutes on my phone each day, no jokes. It's just not worth it. Plus, my big hands. I'm still looking for a flip phone. I hate how you accidentally brush your finger on the screen and a fuckton of action starts going on, don't you?

Anyway, a 60D is a lot clunkier than a phone, but it's my old bud, and I should use it more.

All that said, this is my set-up. Well for the past two weeks. That's a Culti diffuser on the desk. They stopped selling that, but the ones I have will last long enough. I still have 2 whole bottles of White Flowers and Tea. The flowers died soon because I honestly did not expect they drank all the water I had left in the vase (about 300-400ml) in 2 days. It's crazy. It's drinking almost as much as me, if we're talking about just water. My body must has amazing abilities to obtain and retain water in ways I don't understand, because if I sip one cup of tea I go to the toilet 6 times and my bladder is going to burst the next morning. Maybe I belong to a desert people.

Anyhow. I just want to tell you that the dessert on the plates is from La Despensa de Palacio, and they're overly powdery and sweet. I don't get Spanish dessert and candy. Anything yema is fine, but the wine cake, the turrĂ³ns, and these it's just... it's all very similar and basic. Like there are only a few simple ingredients and there is always one, be it sugar ( most often ) , honey or almond, that's overpowering. I've tried some French ones, too, but at this point, I genuinely believe Italian ones are my favorite and probably objectively the tastiest as well.

Now this is confectionery crystallized pear, as you can tell from the label. Now this is something innovative, at least to me, I heard good things and I bet it tastes good.

But realistically speaking, I don't have much time to think about food.

On the other hand, this is the first shop I tried when I got here last year, the place by P.C. It's overpriced and uninspiring. The chocolate one is even bland. I don't have a picture of the convent marzipan from Caelum. Maybe it tasted a little holy, I don't know. I certainly remember the sugar frosting on top.

I hope you are happy with this post.

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