Wednesday, March 21, 2018

High Energy Shows

I've been trying to figure out this ninja situation and I think finally I have. Youth between 8-17 is a very large, very neglected base. You can't swamp them with politics, they don't yet care about that, thank fuck, so it's entertainment. There simply aren't enough products and entertainment varieties for them which is why they have so much time and money to spare. Even I could've afforded Twitch prime subscription back then as an impoverished kid. So it's no wonder. Good for them.

Then I realized, even as an adult, no matter how calm and cool (not very much but sometimes) I think I am, I need high energy entertainment, too. I mean, it's so enlightening. It's what Survivor is to me. It's a very high energy show. I mean, you put people out there and compete in very physical challenges, you subject them to elements, there are dramatic tribal councils with very dramatic music going on in the background, and the facial expressions. It's a little more sophisticated than what kids like, but like I said, I'm an adult and that's the whole point. I do believe that most people eventually grow out of cartoon, low-res games and anime, but the odd thing is, it's those who don't that provide the kids with entertainment.

I tried my damn hardest to remember what retarded things I liked as a kid. There wasn't streaming in those days, obviously, but I really can't say I liked anything I would now roll my eyes at. In fact it's hard to remember if I enjoyed any meaningless activity at all. I always walked around with a heavy heart, which now may seem absurd, except I haven't changed. Is it sad? It's sad, right? Why am I unable to enjoy popular things?

Anyway, I am completely missing out on the fun of watching someone else play the game. The whole Let's Play, stream, skin/loot box scams, I am totally not into it. I can't even play MMO. Game for me really is killing time with the AI, and surprisingly nowadays AI is shit. I mean, I guess you can rely on other people if you're playing a MMO, but in that way you're relying on other people's intelligence... and that's a wild card, you know what I'm saying?

I don't even feel like I've benefited from 3D printing and stuff. These neat innovations have nothing to do with me which is why I feel so detached.

Speaking of which.

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