Saturday, March 10, 2018

Fake brother mine

I haven't played Sims in a long time. I played 1 a lot, maybe around 100 hours on 2, I barely played 3, and for some reason I just picked up 4. I really wasn't expecting anything. The game feels very fresh and cool. Only when I'm playing this I feel like I really want a brother, like I want to live with my brother. Interesting options they have - how they define gender. Me and my brother can both impregnate others in the game but cannot get pregnant. I think we all want to scatter our seeds around and not be the oven that bakes the goods and not only cannot give it your last name (which your mom took from your dad and so forth) but lose it to your husband, too. You see it everywhere in films and books, it's a fact of life. Women aren't treated as human beings, just some channel men compete against each other with... from... through. It's like two guys "fight over" a woman, and it would appear that the woman is important in this, but she isn't at all. This is about two men competing and the winner takes the woman as a prize. Even if it comes down to the woman choosing, she just doesn't matter. It's a bad deal. I bet more and more women are realizing this is a bad deal. Childbirth is as great and terrible as they say. But I'm not going to do it, not even in games.

But my point is, it would be really great to live with my brother, if I had a brother. That's a lot of cool fun relaxed (!) life experience I don't get to have. If I have a brother, I bet he is chill and he will teach me how to relax. Because I can't, by myself. Damn, why don't I have a brother. I wish I had a brother, man. Brother must be God's gift to women, cause he can be fun and warm, but you don't have to worry about him having "thoughts" about you. You know this is actually kind of making me mad. I want a brother! I don't have one.

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