Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I guess I was trying to be cute with this thing... in the past week I got the idea to get whole lettuces and make salads from scratch, not a good idea. Those packaged veg exist for a very good reason. You just mix and eat without the fuss. That's made particularly for people like me and there are so many of us that they got the price down to be so affordable. That's the whole economy right there. I went a little overboard with this salad thing, No more.

I also collected all Google Natural Language API categories (their columns are messed up so it took a bit of work) and marked areas about which I'm "keen". That about defines me, don't you think? In the context of this. There are other trees you can make from philosophy data etc. You can analyze me pretty critically- I can analyze myself critically and more objectively, that comes first. With all things mapped out I should gain some more clarity about myself and avoid wasting time on things I don't yet know of down the road.

Good night... I mean good morning.

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