Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I guess I'm at the point where there is a true gap between me and all the other generations. I no longer sympathize with them.  Like I empathize but not sympathize, you know? I've often wondered as a teenager "when do you stop giving a shit about youth as an adult" and I imagine it quite depends on the person, but now you know it's now. 26.

I honestly thought I'd always care for kids and be able to relate to them, but not anymore. It's still sad the conditions they have to grow up in, not just the rapid flow of information they have to absorb, the lack of privacy, predatory practices all around, gore and eroticism, lack of faith or authority, unstable economy, exacerbating environment, polarizing social issues and political climate, but also just the general shittiness of things that are available to them. New things. They will have to be forced to play with machine and AI, because raw humans can do no better anymore. One intelligent person is going to supply the whole world's fun. You know what I'm saying? It's great that they can get integrated globally from get go (sort of), but they will only find that globally, oh the mysterious globe, it does not have that much to offer.

Before you get to know the US, you could imagine there are all sorts of wonderful things in the US. Then you go there and find out it is not so. Before you get to know the "bestest" European countries, you have all sorts of fantasy about them, until you come and experience it for yourself. I've lived that. How many people are carrying this sort of frustration and finally settling somewhere to themselves?

I mean, kids today get to know all that from the start. At least I had some mystery. Although it's one letdown after another, in the beginning there was some enticing mystery, which is good. The new kids- I'm sorry, just the kids nowadays- they get to know the overall shittiness of the world from I don't know, 6. They will be a lot wiser, of course, but I don't know, maybe more soulless. Because what can you aspire to anymore, like what hope do you have. The outer space is not the same concept as another developed country. There is no guarantee that there is life out there even. So there is no hope. I mean. Y'know? God. I feel so sad.

I had so much happy memory in my childhood because of my ignorance. I fucking didn't know and I had a lot of hope. I don't see how an able-minded child can have any hope by the time she or he is 12. Like. They definitely won't believe in alien stories no more. Or like, do you actually want to find Giger's xenos out there. Please. Kids have a tough life. It's so tough.

I don't know, maybe they're still having fun. Why not. Travel to other places in rocket ships and glide down a mountain, watch VR porn and play unlimited number of games. Eat all kinds of food. Have bots do your chores. I don't know. It's just not the same. I just don't have sympathy for them anymore because there is no hope. Their entertainment is only getting richer and duller. Known stuff isn't fun. ONLY the unknown is fun. There is still so much unknown to be explored but they're all depressing as fuck. Unearthing some more early human artifacts- the fun has been had. Get to know more about planets and galaxies, yeah. Elongate human life? Opt me out, THANKS.

I don't know, I just don't feel for them anymore. You think meme is fun. Meme is not that fun tbh. It's not as fun as seeing a dodo, for example. Dodos are fucking extinct.

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