Saturday, January 13, 2018

Sitting In a Tavern

I don't give up on beers, perhaps that's why I'm... it's ciders. Anyways.

I thought I found more Jelly Belly, but no, this is "The Jelly Bean Factory", and it's far inferior in taste and texture. It feels like eating plastic. The ingredient table says they use juice from concentrate, but whatever, it feels harsh on the tongue.

I ate burger in the past 2 days so it's been simple and good. I don't ever use bun by the way. It's just unnecessary calories. Nobody says you must eat bread, full wheat or not, every day. I'd rather save those for dessert.

As far as chocolate goes, so far Godiva > Ferrero > Galler > Lindt & Milka. Godiva isn't supreme, Ferrero is just right as a snack, I think Galler is overpriced and Lindt is downright inedible - it's so waxy it's like eating wax. I don't even remember what Milka tastes like so it must be extraordinarily plain. I'm going to try Neuhaus next. We'll see, it's not terribly important.

What's important is I overslept today and I don't intend on repeating it.

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