Monday, January 1, 2018

How to

You'll find the opposite. Never think all men want to chase women. A good number of men are doing everything they can to avoid women, and a good number of women do, too. At least I think there are.

How do you keep imbecilic - both men and women - off your business? People only ever discuss how to attract others but rarely how to fend off them. Opinionated women can be detrimental to your business if they're halfwits. Again this applies to both men and women, but women in general are more illogical so I'm worried. They grab whatever they want, but then it'll get tricky. It's curious that I don't yet know how to work with women. The vast majority of them are so fucking dumb, and they're gaining more economic freedom and power. I only support that on the basis it'll make them more logical, critical and better educated. What do you think, Diary? Are women becoming more logical and better educated over the years? Have they changed?

God I know humanity as a whole is going downhill but I don't want to see the bottom of the pit so soon yet.

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