Monday, December 18, 2017

Taketh out the trash ( ? )

100€ worth of jerky from the only brand that seems mainstream and trustworthy I can find on because the other European sites don't have none on its way.

Before I took out the trash I looked out the windows and I was like oh the cleaning vans were early today because the ground is already wet but no! When I went downstairs I saw that it's raining! What a miracle. Don't believe anything on no more, it's global warming, and so much more, that it's just been drought here all year. Raining this month? I didn't think it's possible, yet it is!

You know how happy rain makes me, Diary. It smooths my heart that things are happening.

The stairways are dirty though. This thick piece of lint was just lying there and I bet it's been there for days.

I was surprised to see that there are so many people who have never had jerky in their entire life. They were also complaining it's too hot. I don't know. Maybe there are really only a few people who love hot spicy food.

The wound is closing in, Diary. I wouldn't be surprised if it'll take another whole month, but it's healing. I also haven't heard of Instant Pot until I read about in in NYTimes today, and now it's selling out. I mean, how come there aren't any in Europe? I've learned my lesson & I know 3 qt is more than enough. I do feel sore about paying for shipping that is as expensive as the good itself though. Anyway. I will have coconut chips and jerky for Christmas and I'm not asking for more.

Oh I just realized I have to buy from their UK site since the different voltage... yeah. Not in hurry.

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