Saturday, December 23, 2017

Playing the End Game

Does it feel like the end game to you? Humanity is never going to stretch forward as much as it stretched backward. Ask people what's going to happen in the next 10-20 years, many of them will be hopeful. Ask them about the next 1000-2000 years... I doubt many are confident that people will even exist in 1000-2000 years. We all know it in our heart, don't we? The game is nearing the end. Many people live in retrospect now, myself included.

Nobody said End Game is bad. When a Civ game nears the end (that's when it depresses me the most, I could almost never make it past industrialization), that's when all technologies are researched, all wonders built, etc. Nobody said the end game is bad. It's good. It just only lasts for a very short time.

There is no colonization on Mars. There is not a planet we can reach in time that's comparable to Earth. We all know it's the end. All of us. We must know.

So there is nothing wrong with celebrating the "now", what we have accomplished, and embracing peace. But the end is rapid, and we're all facing increasingly more severe existential crisis. We should. It's the end of a species. Our species. The End of Us.

I could never play those post-apocalypse games or read those novels. What "post-apocalypse"? There is no "post". It is what it is.

We're playing the End Game, folks. Question is, are we in the last 10% or last 1%?

I think it'll be... no, it already is too late for people to realize that culture is consumable as other resources. Nothing can fill the hole caused by decades of stagnation.

​I honestly wish Europe comes up with a better strategy to deal with this crisis. I need Italy to be pristine when I go there.

I will say that refugees are largely blameless, cause they're refugees, that's their nature. I mean, even puppet all their home countries' regimes, please. It's not as dirty as dealing with dysfunctions in your own nation.

Many big players in the End Game. I just wish Italy can pick up the pace. Good Lord. Remember that Italian guy in college? I think he was Italian. When I was TA, I had to watch one of the most excruciating sessions of someone operating that program. He literally spent 10x other people's time crafting this thing and it's just not working. I don't get how someone can willingly sink in so much time in one assignment. Clearly he aimed for excellence and if he had any talent he'd end up with something great, but sadly he hadn't any. But that's one of the few times where I was genuinely shocked to the core how someone can be so slow at work. It terrifies me. Any inefficient thing terrifies me as it wastes time. Anyway, please oh fuck please get yourself together Italy.

Italy, France, England. These are my End Game. I honestly don't have any legitimate reason to concern myself with anything* happening in anywhere else that has no impact on these countries... and England.

*as in usually unexciting  politics

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