Friday, December 22, 2017

Life is

I have no complaint today.

It's just I realized just now that my life has been La Cocinera these days. From nuggets to fingers (...) to fish... just the other day as I was eating their atun... Tuna, I thought "I could do better than this". Now that my finger is healing and I got NoCry gloves, I'm ready to give it another shot. That's how persistent I am. Some day Diary, I will cook something that does not make me cuss at myself. Next year, hopefully, soon.

I had jerky, the rest of the bag of Lays chips, bread with butter (I had no time to wait for the butter to become room temperature so imagine little unspreadable chunks on the slices), two soft Principe cookies, 6 baby carrots dipped in yogurt, a large cup of coffee with sugar, two glasses of coconut water and a glass of water today. It's very unhealthy, and very unsatisfying, despite the jerky. I actually like none of those things cept jerky and coconut water. I have no creative juice for cooking. I've got to do something... this isn't life.

Oh and half of a Anna de Codorniu mini, which tastes like piss. I have to make it into Sangria somehow... winemaking is interesting. I like how fortified wine contains more alcohol - or the earlier alcohol is added in the fermentation process the sweeter it is. So they're strong wines, but not girly wines, but are often dessert wines.

But like why put up with it at all, like why can't I just admit I don't like wine, you know? I'd drink coconut water all day every day. I had cava, I had txakoli, I don't like any of them. Have a bunch of others to try, if I don't like them I'll make all of them into sangria. Or add to bomba rice in case it's white.

But yeah, now you've seen my pathetic diet, any idea? I was salivating at NYT Cooking recipes last night, there are so many things I want to try even though I already know the first few times will be disaster. And I dread the cleanup very very much. I don't want to keep talking about this, Diary, but believe it or not, I'm the sort of person who gets hungry with an empty stomach for over 20 hours. It's so exhausting. The La Cocinera example illustrates frozen food is not the answer. I must fucking step up.

God it's so tiring. My back hurts.

Oh I also got a reply about the OED2 listing - however, I checked and apparently the simple, new 3rd edition is a better choice.

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