Friday, December 1, 2017

Holy City @ Night

Are they having a strike or is it street light malfunctioning? The entire calle is dark, and this has never happened before. The garbage bags are piling up on the street and they didn't collect - I'm watching the time- it's after 00 now and usually the car comes to pick it up around 11:40. So...

I never seen this street totally dark before. Nobody would take this street at night. It also makes me realize that I definitely want to live somewhere with hints of other people's existence. I never seriously entertained living in a remote place anyway, but. All sides of the house can't all be obstructed. Have to see light from other people's living space.

I'm actually quite afraid of darkness.

Can you blame me? This city is politically in turmoil and I can never know what is a sign.

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