Friday, December 15, 2017

Finger is OK

Now I think it'll take a month to say at least to heal this poor finger. But it don't hurt like it did in the past two days, and I have to focus on work.

Diary, the "simple' passing of time always terrifies me. But it's a different terror than that awaits me in the kitchen. It's almost Christmas. It's really, really soon. I went out to fetch the steamer that they repaired today, and I saw so many people. There really are a lot of people on the street, and the smell...

I feel extra alone in crowd, you know that. I can never go to a family restaurant, or a restaurant that often caters to groups. Unfortunately most of them are like that. I mean, that's the whole purpose, to socialize over food. Why else would you go to a restaurant? No reason at all. I am too picky on my company.

But that's fine. I haven't decided what group I want to join. I haven’t yet figured out what group I belong to. I may be fine like this, but I wonder every day. What is a place I can call home? What people I feel comfortable around? Who do I think understand me? Who don't I mind getting along with all day every day?

These things come so easy to some people. But we all make our own ways in the world.

I'm fascinated... infatuated with certain ideas, Diary. In fact when juxtaposed with radically different ideas, which are prevalent, the latter seems utterly repulsive. Does it have to be?

I love Irish cheese. I'm sorry, butter. I haven't tried the cheese yet. And I have expressed that. Ireland is very interesting. I don't so much look forward to visiting its lands as much I want to meet its people.

But, the philosophies of the world will converge at some point, in the future, in a grander sense, of course.

I like a of of things about this world and I've learned to look at the brighter sides.

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