Sunday, December 17, 2017


We should allow things exist, as in, those we have no control over.

I was told I'm foolish for liking jerky, because only inferior meat is used to make jerky. Yes, I know. The best meat is best tasted raw, with minimum seasoning. Only the crumbles and broken pieces are fit to be mixed with a ton of spices and sold as snack. But, I mean, what do people have against spice? For me, jerky is like spices with meat texture in it.

Yes I do admit that, Diary, while I don't like clubbing or any of that, I don't interfere with its existence. There is no point forcing people to be the same, the co-existence without interacting with each other is great. It's good enough for me. Yes, I mean no, I never once thought it'd be nice if they're all gone. People are allowed to like what they like, despite even legality. I get that. I will continue to like jerky.

No, none of that truly bothered me. What always bothers me is the same, that my group seems to be incredibly small. I don't care other groups are incredibly big, I just care about my group being incredibly small. It's annoying to say at the least. We're probably very scattered. No. That doesn't sound right.

I'm not in the right places anyway. I only have the patience to visit such places, and I don't have the patience to go to the right places. I will, and I must.

I won't get a dog, or a cat, Diary, although I really want to sometimes. They weaken you. Yeah. I'll have to "cave to" something to have one of those again. Making believe some unintelligible mutter to be purrs of love while human mutterings are unintelligible enough. But. Yeah, I know.

Since when did Heroes become an Eastern European game, btw? They're going to Russia next year, and although I've always wanted to visit the Winter Palace & see the works in Hermitage, I can't make sense of it. Did they consider to host an event once in France even? Oh yeah they did, a different kind, many years ago. I'm just surprised that the remaining players are all Eastern Europeans.

Games have no appeal to me these days. I don't know why. I thought I'd be excited about Civ 6 for a while longer, but I'm just not anymore. I do look forward to Far Cry 5 though. All the retro 8-bit shit are still trending, it's disgusting. I can't believe kids today put up with it, or maybe they're curious. Look at Minecraft, is it still a thing? Gross, I don't want to think about it.

I want to keep immersing myself in a time where people are harsh about themselves and have standards.

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