Friday, November 17, 2017

wet hair talks

Hola Diary, hello.

Things are so fucked, Diary. Things are always fucked. Even when things aren't obviously fucked, you just know they will be fucked.

The anticipation is really just as worse as the suffering itself which is why I'm always, always in torment. Nothing will change that for the entirety of my life, no never.

It's sad that this is my personality. I mean, I've accepted it, but if you look at it objectively, it must be sad.

Sick, man.

But it still matters if I get what I want or not, and it does not matter if I feel happy or not, because it's bigger than me.

I start cussing at myself again now. I have to stop. It helps to feel a minuscule amount of joy, and I don't know what could give that to me.

You silly person.  Go to bed, silly

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