Monday, November 27, 2017

We were put on this earth with horses .

I recognize the smell now. All of them are using Montblanc Legend Intense. OK.

I'm sorry for my harsh words yesterday. I don't always apologize for my words but this time I have to.  Now, I got my papers in, I think, we'll see in about a month. And the toilet still works. I only got the second worst thing. They actually removed the handle so now I have to directly fondle the... thing. I don't know when the replacement is coming, there was a lot of shrugging.

Oh I lost 20 euros last night because I forgot to disable the auto renew on one of the domains. Every birthday I give myself a birthday present that is a domain name. I think it's the most unique present ever. It is absolutely special and limited. Though I didn't get in on it early and it's more of a sentimental value thing now.

Right, and, I think fried chicken is essential to my life. I've tried to fry wings numerous times in my life but never got it as good as fast food restaurant. It's wrecking my head.

I don't like some of the business speak people are using today, but that is not even one of my problems. I'll have instant noodle instead. Toodles.

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