Sunday, November 19, 2017

never complain

Smell the fresh linens - you can’t have bad dreams in this bed now, can you?

I’ve learned not to complain, Diary. There are many things that need fixing in my life, but even if I don’t know what the root causes are, I know complaining won’t do any good.

I mean, who is complaint for, anyway ?   I know it’s not for me, because it’s just the same thing. Other people don’t process complaints. Requests, pleads, demands even, people respond to those. But complaints? No one is obliged to deal with complaints. So who?


I shudder at the thought of it. Complaint ?   For God ?   No no . . .

Wisdom teeth , mosquitoes, complaints, there are many ubiquitous things that once were, now are and will be totally unnecessary, irrelevant and eradicated. I honestly don’t need complaints in my life, let alone producing it.

I’m aware I don’t complain much to you to begin with, I just want you to know this idea I have.

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