Thursday, November 2, 2017

Nature & a lack of happening

I've been rethinking a lot of things, Diary. And my stance on a couple of things.

Are cities irreversibly getting hot? Because it only makes sense now that the means of traveling are becoming increasingly accessible and affordable, and it's always human's desire to connect. I don't remember the last time I'm completely immersed in nature, it's been too long... the stay at my friend's house was like a dream. It rained, and the smell of the garden...

I think my nerves are permanently damaged from being around people my whole life. Any of my neuroticism will be instantly "cured" as soon as I moved into a house with a garden. But that's not people... that's not right, as in... correct. 

I can only imagine what it feels like to live by myself on a whole acre of land... maybe it's not so good. Maybe it's a luxury I never had to think about "h'what if I start to miss people".

Oh. I don't drive. That kind of does it, doesn't it? I'll be living in cities for the rest of my life. How're those self-driving cars coming along?

Shows typically make one stop per city, meaning all 8 millions of people in London share as much chance as 3 mil in Madrid, 2 mil in Paris and 1.6 mil in Barcelona to attend one concert. That's nuts, yo.

Yeah, you're right Diary. Maybe I will go crazy and become lonely in nature for a long time. I always long for tranquility, but it's easy to see the upsides when you're basking in the hospitality of your friend. I tried... I tried to imagine, what if I were to live there. Working around the lawn etc...

Ah, the price of fresh air.

Let's not think about it anymore. Maybe I'll adopt the popular lifestyle of working the weekdays and going into the woods on the weekends. Yeah actually that doesn't sound too bad. See what's retarded is I always can't see what's right in front of me, what's been working for such a long time. I had to find everything out my own way, but it's not a smart way... all of the time.

Sorry for many many things. I've had a long day... it's not long enough.

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