Saturday, November 11, 2017

Louis CK TOO ? !

tbh I don't know Harvey Weinstein's works cept Shakespeare in Love, they made us watch it in school and I was fucking bored and grossed out by the artlessness of it.

I'm like that, Diary, I haven't sampled too many films yet I have strong opinions and tastes about it.

But Louis CK though. At first I saw him as a discount George Carlin but Georgie has been dead for too long, almost 10 years - hot damn, 10 years is too long, and I've come to appreciate Louis CK's materials more just because it's up to date.

But today I learned that he's got some sexual misconduct scandals going on as well. Like I heard in some old podcast of his or his friend's that he's getting blown by other women while being married, and I'm like "woah nobody bats an eyelash @ dis?" and indeed nobody bats an eyelash at this in the comment section, like again it's YT but I can imagine people don't care.

But it's different from the scale which this thing is being presented right now.

I know this is an unpopular opinion but I never get how people fall for celebrities. When I see a great actor in a great movie, all I'm left with is a great impression of the character. I never once even think about the actor, I sure as fuck won't look for their information irl, in fact that would compromise the character for me. Therefore I don't care about who dates who, I don't want to line up and meet them, I certainly don't want to have sex with them.

Now a little clarification here because I clearly went to Poland to meet the composer of one of my favorite games. When there is talent and meaningfulness, there is intellectual attraction. What I don't understand and will never do is the sex thing.

"but ur an asexual person"

that too  oh how the hell did I forget. So of course I can't comprehend them.

Anyway looks like the shitstorm is getting bigger. But is the whole celebrity culture going out of fashion? I don't think so. Teenagers are still going to be obsessed with YT personalities, and what look like identical twins to me the Logan/Jake Paul brothers will keep taking advantage of them girls.

Like I don't feel sorry for anyone as heartless as it sounds, if they signed up for this. If someone got raped, ofc I feel sorry for them. But if they fell under this starstruck spell, there is nothing you can do. So I don't know where this is going. I just want to tell you it's weird.

But I do understand how they feel bad afterward, like they regret it, they must find it gross, but they can't tell anyone because everyone in the community is a fan. I totally get it. It's risk. If you get AIDS from a celebrity you probably can't even tell other fans and they won't believe you. But you want to have sex with the celebrity. I... yeah whatever.

It's tough, the moral thing. Because the women- let's say the women, the women who blown him aren't angels or anything, and we aren't ever going to find out what sins they have in life or whatever vices they have. Maybe they lie and cheat in school and made their own lives worthless and miserable and think only a blowjob with a celebrity can solve their problems. Probably not. But they aren't angels. They aren't flawless people. They might not be responsible for the wrongs they did to others. We are never going to find out about these things because it's not relevant to media.

So I've grown to be more careful about judging people these years. The best way is to not judge no matter what until the minute it has any impact on you. Like if Gandhi was alive and Gandhi beat me with a stick because he thought I was someone else, even though he did all the other selfless things, Gandhi would still be a bad person to me. But someone who has nothing to do with me, no matter what they do, I may not hold any form of strong emotion for or against them.

Am I right diary, am I right?


So I'm glad women are getting more power nowadays. It's great no matter how you look at it. I can feel less and less inferior for being a woman, honestly. If you have the slightest dread of being assaulted, kidnapped or going to the police, that's the inferiority complex. That's regardless of if anything happens to you. I don't know if I can see this as a "sacrifice", what these women did, because it's clear to me that women's rights aren't improving because some chose to blow other men. Women's rights are improving because women like myself taking literally more power in society. In the light of these events, I think not of the poor women who chose to give themselves to men who didn't treat them as equals, no - I think of women around the world who saw better things to do in life, worked their asses off to obtain more status and power and knowledge. I may never see them, God knows which office they work at, but we're all doing it. We all share the same goal- among others that are personal to ourselves, and it's a great feeling.

I wanted to articulate to you how I derived a good feeling from all this, and this is it. The thought of self-loving, driven, capable women enabling mindless fangirls to gain some modicum of justice and dignity from their misdeeds is a nice one.

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