Thursday, November 9, 2017

Last blood

Has the last blood been cleared because I dreamt of puppies/ kittens puking in bathroom last night and I had to clean it all up. Basically I saw these miserable feral cats and I wanted to be kind and feed them, but they ended up being crazy and puked all over the place.

The night before. Monster Tanks. I was in this aquarium and this big dark gray shark saw me passing by and became agitated/ angry and started hitting the glass, and it totally created a fracture. I kept walking and in this hall with a lot of stairs I heard a big splash and I saw people running, so I turned around and I saw the glass of some huge aquarium tanks are totally broken and dark water as if we’re in the bottom of the ocean poured out, and huge whale–like creatures were flowing out. Remember, these whales are already 20 times as big as the shark back there.  I ran but when I turned around, a mouth as large as a dome and as black as the universe was upon me and it was attached to this hundred feet long ocean creature - a monster -  that apparently can stand and fly -  out of water.

I know what triggered the first dream. I was looking for pets to adopt on a shelter’s site when I wasn’t supposed to, and I was traumatized by how miserable the animals looked.

I don’t know what triggered the  Monster  Tanks  dream.

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