Thursday, November 30, 2017

I'm afraid of what dumb and ugly people might say

Don't you find it curious that they're also the most entitled and backward people? Backward I can understand, but I cannot understand the entitlement. They're very depraved yet they think they deserve what they don't have.

I must say I find it one of the nicest parts in all of social interaction (barely) to deny contact or any form of association with these people. It's like being a shop owner with expensive merchandise. You see a hobo walks in salivating at the goods and you simply get him out of the store because he clearly can't afford it. It's great.

We do need gate-keepers in the world. Both men and women make good gate-keepers. Women know more about shame, women are really less entitled and more humble. I like that so very much. It's really disgusting how some men plainly assume anyone wants anything to do with them. At least I don't. It's just ridiculous. The most racist, sexist and retarded people are all men, without a question. Does it balance off the fact that the smartest and most accomplished people are also men? I hope more accomplished women emerged, I do. I know women can be pretty assuming, but they're not obnoxious. If you tell a woman you're not interested in her, just give her a sign even, she'll back off immediately. Not men. Men are so thick-skinned, I can't take it. They keep hoping to bend the world to their will, but they'll just keep getting nada if they can't take a hint. Like many  women I find the only compensation I can get for my precious time wasted is giving cold hard rejection. I don't enjoy it, but it's the only compensation. It's just disgusting. Ew.

I don't want anything to do with - I  don't want to be anywhere close to destitute people. Never. Poor, hideous, uneducated, talent-free, rude, entitled (that's just funny) dumb fucks, GO AWAY.

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