Monday, November 6, 2017

H'when people steal your quote

if I keep track of every little thing I must be going nuts.

In a tired way I'm glad people are taking my stuff all my life. Glad it may be of use. If I can't profit from it, neither money or fame, I don't care, it's free.

What's the harm. There is no harm. I long knew some of the big name musicians/artists/politicians whatevers must steal from little no name people all the time. It's happened to me so many times, they took it to press.

I guess it's better than if it's just for my own amusement. Things take life of their own. If someone can maximize it more than me then why not.

Not everything I say or done or every one of my creationz needs credit. I'm just so tired.

Have you seen YTs copyright claim system. It's a mess. It's a total mess. I'm all for Creative Commons & the likes. Public Domains and IP freedom.

I feel like our priority is not guarding our IP in this age but creating more. We're all pretty culturally bankrupt which is h'why hordes of tourists are still feasting their eyes upon decayed buildings from centuries ago.

I say we must break this stagnation.

I know this is getting grander than just a quote but you know how I digress all the time.

I've been thinking a lot lately. So long museums can circulate old paintings they have less need to put in new ones. Anyway I'm doubting the lifestyle in a city. But . . .  it's a dilemma.

Diary... what's new? Should I subscribe to other mags?

I have to find a particular issue first. I'm so uncertain about a lot of thing. And the clock is ticking. The clock is fucking ticking and I feel like I'm walking into my grave. There is deep dread within me. Holy Hell.  Diary I'm truly in a quagmire .   I'm in a quandary .

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