Sunday, November 5, 2017

crazy animal lovers

On YT there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO   MANNNNNNNNNNYY subculture communities like OMG. One of the creepiest is probably the syndicate group who remember their dead horse, like their channel is full of videos they shot when their horses were alive, like shots with them riding the horse, but all of the videos were made after the horse is dead. Like pieces of prolonged eulogy. I came across them by accident and it spooked me.

Then today I saw a cat video on Trending, it's 1 minute and I made the mistake to click. On the suggestion bar I saw a video titled feeding my pets (50) in one video or something like that, I was curious so I clicked it, and Holy Fuck the bar this time is filled with recs from all different channels featuring videos all titled similarly : "Feeding all my pets in one video" - 100 pets etc! Holy fuck. So pet-feeding videos are a thing now. I never knew they existed. Like there are young people who take care of 100 pets at home, I wonder what else they do. You must think it's pretty tame but it's very shocking to me. Taking care of 100 animals at home, as a part of your life. It's fucking crazy.

I don't know why the more I see something the less I want it. For every one cat video I watch I want cat that much less. I do not want any pet just from looking at those video titles. Holy fuck. OKay-dokes.

& I don't know why these videos are deeply disturbing to me. Actually most videos I happen to just "come across" on YT are disturbing for me.


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