Thursday, November 2, 2017


You want to know what did I waste my hours on today?

Well just wait until I finish doing the dishes.

So I suddenly feel like having coffee and for the first time I looked into coffee makers. There are too many varieties, it's overwhelming. I ended up wanting to do the "French Press", the whole thing about it is you press the ground down with a flat layer of filter. That's it. But I bet many people call this a "ritual" because it's "French." Like of all the things I read and saw about it, nobody mentions the quality of the filter which is the number one thing.

I ended up looking into the brand Bodum, and I discovered that it's a total sham. Not surprising it's a Danish brand. Their products are extremely poor quality, the number of reviews and complaints that mention glass cracking was startling. It's so easy to see from people's photos that they're using flimsy materials. What's funny is this company sells its signature double wall glasses: Pavina etc. but its coffee makers and tea makers are not double walled. Their thermos are fucking hard to clean and their designs are all flawed.

They have a shitty website too btw. Category pages don't work (therefore top navigation is broken), cart empties and you can't add product to cart after like 10 minutes for whatever asinine reason. It's really fucking dumb.

I really don't want to deal with glass cracking. I'm guessing some of the people had their glass cracked because they switched hot/cold water without a cooldown period. No problem with good quality glass, but for the flimsy shit Bodum is using, it's not a surprise that it would crack easily. I'm not going to make that mistake, but I just don't want to deal with cracks in general, and difficult cleaning.

And by now I have wasted too much time on this sham of a brand and I don't have energy to look further. When it comes to beverage machine, blenders etc, things that handle acidic liquid, glass and plastic are both hard to clean. For metal, I'm guessing my best bet is one of those expensive automatic drippers? I don't have the counter space for now and honestly, I'm not going from a person who don't drink no coffee to one of those fanatics.

So what I ended up doing, I got two exact same Finum filters, one for tea and one for coffee. And I got a handheld coffee bean grinder. That's it. 29 euros, that's all I need.

There is a thing about filter, too. Most of the filters out there are metal, including big brands like WMF, but metal infusors are really bad, because as infusor not only is it hard to clean, there is mad oxidization and it can never infuse as well as mesh - this is just common sense. H'what's interesting is, there is only one brand that sells plastic+mesh filters, and that is Finum. They seem legit. Yeah, one brand besides Bodum - like I'm going to give them money, lol.

Anyway. I feel like this search isn't completely worthless so that's why it's not a total waste of time. But the lesson isn't that a Danish company Bodum is a scammy asshole, but the overwhelming gullible unthinking people who fall for things such as "French Press" without realizing what it is, and go for inferior products simply because of marketing. How do they have the gall to price their shitty glasses the same as Riedel? Nobody knows.

And also it's getting harder and harder to find quality products on Amazon. In the good old days you can safely rely on the reviews, but now it's hard because people rally behind shitty products. I see that Amazon offers only a fraction of products & at higher cost in Europe compared to the US - h'which is understandable but undesirable. The Spanish market in particular is seriously deficient. I think h'when in Spain it's OK to rely on Corte Ingles, but y'know...

Oh I also wanted to tell you that women don't necessarily cook better than men, on average. You might be surprised, but women are a lot messier, more indelicate in the kitchen and beyond. I watched this pasta cooking video today and it fucking grossed me out. Just do bare minimum and expect a free pass because you are a woman. Stirring is mad skills. It's fucking pathetic, Diary.

I am bad at cooking, but at least I know it. And also I don't suck at cooking for a lack of effort. I don't do bare minimum (since this year) and I certainly won't fool around in the future. Diary, remember, just because more women are homemakers doesn't mean they're good at what they do. I have a deep dark inferiority complex because of this. I don't have energy for this but I swear I will at least master 10 dishes that I think most men or women can't rival me at, just so I don't feel this shame and rage.

Fuck, here it is just in case you want to gross yourself out some time in the future.

Look how she stirs the pot of nasty, Oh My God.

We all have work to do, Diary. Let me try and go to the post office by 8:00 tomorrow.

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