Sunday, October 29, 2017


tixmstr don't ask for no name, does that mean you can buy 100 tickets and sell them to others?

Nevermind. I don't like GOT all that much but I figured I'd check out the live music. Funny thing, as the Heroes concert was in session, an intrusive tune popped into my head and I couldn't figure out what it was. When I came back to the hotel it occurred to me it's Light of the Seven. And today - just now, I was just randomly Googling the composer and I found there is a live concert? In zis city too. So I might as well go next year. Another funny thing, the tix were being sold out as I was checking out the seats.

It's sad that I can't get normal symphony & orchestra, but this contextual stuff is all good.

I also wonder if there are really only 300 copies of vinyl. Cause they were selling it at the event and I think at least 30-60 people bought it. I thought about stocking them too, not necessarily for reselling purposes but because an article told me sound quality gets seriously degraded after you play vinyl a whole bunch of times. But because the shop charges 12 euros shipping for every LP record I just feel it's so shameless and I didn't do it. Anyways.

It's a great trip. Everything about the concert was great, and everything not about the concert was exhausting. I hope the GOT one is good also. Honestly unlike Heroes music of which 100% I like, I only like two pieces from GOT -  light of 7 & winds of winter. But why not, I'll go, and it's right here.

Oh I heard BOTN is going to be in Italy next year, so I might have a reason to visit Italy. These two things are both happening in the first 10 days of May, which is a prime time as I understand. I also want to go to Madrid in May but who knows. I'm going to take someone with me if I'm to attend the BOTN next year though. Anyways. I'm glad it's all next year. I'm fucking tired.

Neck is about to snap.

lmao I bet everyone remembers COMBAT 2 forever.

Ah Diary, that's about as much as I want to say about the trip and music. I am behind on so many fucking things I should really kill myself. I cannot tell you how big of a sin it is to do so badly. But Alas God let me live on for a reason, I must rectify all the problems... pronto

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