Friday, October 6, 2017


What were you doing yesterday morning?

I was cleaning blood from the mattress. I bled through the maxi-pad, my panties, my PJ, two layers of sheet, into the mattress, and got some onto my duvet cover, too.

I frantically searched online "how to clean blood from mattress", and I got table salt and cold water and a roll of thick tissues, and I got to work. I was upstairs cleaning blood out of the mattress yesterday morning, for about an hour. And it worked.

I never bled that much, and I could usually feel the direction of the blood flow.

But. It's all good now.


So what if I'm in a mold, a certain part of me - always in an imaginary high school ? 

I can never take high school out of me.

I wish I was a boy, so I could be in a lot of fights...No one ever fought like in the movies anyway, but I still . . .

What is with this? You know?

Oh the Himalayas perfume is pretty good. It has a familiar smell, not home, but one that I smelled in many other places. It represents good people. Like I can smell that from good people.

We're well into October now, Damn Me . 

Tourists are thinning. Should we start going to the libraries again? 

Anyhow, I will need to go to the dock soon.

Oh shit, I can watch Blade Runner today. I haven't even watched the 1982 one yet but I hear it brought up often recently. Might as well watch this one first, right?

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