Monday, October 16, 2017


Sorry for losing my temper a little bit, yet again. Pantry is stocked 1/2 now. Won't die because there is no grain carbs.

I don't know what they're saying about gluten free and stuff. 1% of the population has intolerance for it and suddenly half of the market is all gluten-free? Come on. Gluten is pretty neat. All real food is pretty neat. I forget to eat too easily. If I can remember for once in a day before going to bed to shove one slice of toast in my mouth I won't die.

Member that fruit in the fridge I been wanting to eat for some days... "Just Do It" says Nike. I just forget. I don't know why I forget things like this, some people- happy people, I don't mean it in a demeaning way - they eat all the time. Literally there are people who every time I see them they're eating something. How? I have a can of Les Garrigues nuts right here, in front of the monitor and I only see it past 9-10. Salty pistachio. It's in the gourmet club, but to be honest it's a bit limp.

Anyways I'm just saying. Hopefully I won't forget to eat again = I won't die bc of it. It's pretty silly to faint for such a thing I'll admit. Also it impacts my work, I know.

I think I'd be fucking depressed if I have to make my own lunch and take it to work every day. I mean. Just seeing the food I make makes me sad sometimes. They're sad-looking. But then again I remember I always eat them in dim light. Think about it. 10pm, dim light, all food looks dark. You don't have an appetite.

"This is Spain H'why don't you have a sunny terrace?"

I'm in the center of the city, son. Not some town.

I try to learn more and more every day and I see more and more clearly the time I wasted before and the mistakes I've made. It's sharp and hard, man.  I mean...

Substitute. Time for time.

I'll tell you about it next time.

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