Sunday, October 8, 2017

Sad Story

Every once in a while I look up info on Heroes, and every time I get saddened by what I see.

Tell me JVC isn't making Creature Quest to get fund to buy back Heroes IP! That would be the saddest story in all of videogames history, Holy Lord. Good God. I mean...

I don't play mobile games and I've always wondered H'WHY, why would he go and make mobile games. Maybe he sees that it's supposed to be lucrative. Maybe, I mean, he should definitely be regretting selling the IP. But this isn't going to work, is it?

The future of the franchise is so grim. Like. Going to Poland is like going to its funeral now, FUCK.

Now that I think about it, I think I have long made peace with the fact that the franchise is dead. I still love a fantasy game, and I want to play a good strategy game. Don't have either now. I just don't see them. But I can live without Heroes. Better stay as a nice memory, right?

Cause in what way can this play out nicely? It'll take a miracle for JVC or anyone to revive it. So hard.

Oh God.  Sadness. It ain't a generational issue, games today just aren't fun anymore. I been keeping a close watch, you know, & there aren't even any worth talking to you about.

I thought I'd dig Warhammer, but no. Like.


I don't know, Diary. I want to play a good game.

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