Tuesday, October 24, 2017

No Surprise

am I surprised this used to be the headquarter of some shit startup called... ugh it's always these consultant firms. How the fuck do consultant firms even survive.

Spaniards really suck at small startups. Kudos to Ortega, but businesses are make it or break it out here. It's just hard to watch. Oh God.  I got their letter, I left it on the stand. Doubt someone would collect, it appears they moved the company to Malaga. Who the fuck incorporates here anyway, three times too.

I have actually thought long and hard about this, Diary. If you're not wasted, actually... hmm yeah, it's just me. If you're like me, you won't go to Malaga. BCN has a horrible, horrible startup scene, no hope in sight, luckily I don't operate here. But if you're anything you'll go to Madrid or Bilbao. There is nowhere else. Nowhere else in Spain is fit to both live and work at the same time for some of the sectors I'm interested in.

I studied the maps long and hard too. If you look, if you'll just look at the maps of Spain and France, Diary, and you keep in mind how wealth and industry is distributed, the level of local autonomy and characteristics of their industry, it becomes abundantly clear how the economy and creativity don't benefit from concentration. The cities layout has been of a big interest to me lately, I can't stop thinking about it.

I also discovered the somewhat surprising connection between airport conditions and local economic strength.

Oh found the photo.

Oh it's a digital agency now.

Whatever. Look, the whole entire point is, there aren't that many places to live on earth.  I done my research, there is no such thing as Utopia.

I always fantasized about this place, it's filled with people who are not wasting their time, who are smart and driven and fun, and young, at least 20% are in their 20s, and has good views. Lake, ocean or both. And forests. Nice weather, four seasons. Have snow in winter, rain at least 60 days a year.

That is too much to asking. That is too fucking much. Only after I put time into research I found that on this earth, this beautiful Goddamn big blue Planet Earth, there doesn't exist such a place.

I mean, think about how big the earth is, and realize there doesn't exist such a place. It doesn't seem all that outrageous, but it is. So I'll have to choose.

I don't like exploring, Diary. The more countries I have lived, the less I want to go out. I don't like traveling now, like at all. I have no desire to go out. I want to find that dream town and settle down. I want it so bad.

It's easy to look at the big names and it's quick enough to find that they don't fit. It's pretty wild already, to be able to choose FUCKING WHEREVER I WANT TO LIVE. Cept it doesn't exist.

So I have choose. It should not surprise you at this point that I first let go of the people requirement. You know my principles. I want to know people's work and not themselves, you know, their story or personality, none of that. How they start a famil, how are their kids, what are their hobbies, do they want to hang out, I want none of that. I just want to know their works. IRL interaction is so overrated, I've discovered since 3 years ago.

So the goal is to find a town that has four seasons, a large body of water and good infrastructure.

It's fucking INSANE if this town doesn't exist either.

When you're looking at infrastructure, you don't need to research the inhabitants so thoroughly. You just have to look at the local industries and economic power.

And as you have guessed I must study the global climate system. It's fun. Even places I'm never going to go I'm going to learn about it. It's fun. Four Seasons, heh .

Look, even K√∂ppen-Geiger has 10 different interpretations.

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