Monday, October 23, 2017


I think they make chips bland on purpose as a punishment here, to remind you that proper food is a much better choice. There are no novelty flavors, it just tastes like potato with salt. It's so sad. I never tried "pig skin" before, you know the crispy thing? Cause it sounds disgusting. But the other day I was like, well, since they're so good with Iberian pigs, doing so much stuff with it, maybe their pig skin is worth a try.

It tastes like pig.

Honestly though, just pig. Damn thing isn't even salted. It's... it's just pig. The texture is just plastic. Plastic film with harsh crispy vents that tastes like pig. WTF.

"aw you idiot" I said to myself. No more. I'm sure that thing was manufactured as a joke.

Just don't buy any of the snacks you used to have, Diary.

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