Wednesday, October 18, 2017


My actions show that I am not loyal while my philosophy justifies that there is no such thing as loyalty, and every example of morality is situational &  temporary.

I love rain, Diary. I do. I can't change the weather in places where it doesn't rain, but I can change myself. I can force myself to not like rain. If I can't, it means rain is an essential part of me. I doubt it.

This is today's epiphany: you are what nothing can change about you.

I thought about it hard and I thought about it honestly.

I have no loyalty. Certainly loyalty is not a big part of me.

What I'm sure is, I mean, something I observed that never changed with time and different situations is that -

My entitlement.

And my relentless search for truth, my draw to the ultimate objectivity.

These things never changed.

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