Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I love hearing car and Spanish past midnight

I say this seriously. Why else move to the city? So we could feel less alone. It's quiet at night, but when certain creepiness creeps up, it's nice to hear two Spaniards walking down the street and talking as if it was day time. It's nice. I like how they're constantly discussing stuff.

It's precious to maintain that level of passion for life that you actually want to talk about stuff constantly.

Internet- it gives me a lot of answers. I am so preoccupied with finding answers that I find communicating with people less efficient. Yet even stating that I can't combat that logic. I can't convince myself to spend time with people. Yeah, I have that passion about life, too, but my goal is to find answers and not "letting it out".

Yet I do need to "let it out". It's really tough. I don't have time anymore.

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