Saturday, October 14, 2017


Holy FUCKING GOD DIARY. I've had a humbling yet exciting experience today.

You know, I always say I am to interpret music as most people to interpret... nevermind just know that I HAVE FINALLY FOUND MUSIC THAT I LOVE! AND I BECAME SURE OF THE GENRE I LIKE!!!!!!!!

Forget Beethoven, even though the artists themselves might adore him. Those 1TB of FLACs and APEs, yeah... I'll never get through them anyway.

When you listen to something that's not you, that doesn't please your nature, it's just hard. I have tried so so so so SO hard in the past... ever since I heard of Beethoven, alright, to interpret the GREATNESS in classical music. I just can't. I am ashamed to admit- I'm less ashamed now but, I just have to admit that I don't get it.

It's very humbling, but I've accepted it.

OK the artists I discovered = Derek & Brandon Fiechter, the brothers are fucking geniuses.  I don't know HOW the fuck they mastered the feel of music from so many regions it's fucking unbelievable. They should literally have millions of listeners but they don't.... yet. IMO world music? Is that world music? - is better than anything.

And it just occurred to me that! Some of the game tracks I like- could be because they resemble world music!! Right? Right? esp ones like ambiance. It's so cool. When I listen to it it's completely different from listening to Classical. Holy God I won't torture myself with that anymore. When I listen to Classical my mind is "clogged" I can't do anything well. When I listen to the wonderful worldly music it's just, it's just "flow". It just flows through me, you know?

Maybe I hate rap, but I won't ever badmouth about rap again. Homeboys must feel like I do when I listen to world music. Go on.

Oh wow, they're so good. I still can't figure out how the fuck are they so good at it. It's talent. LOL I SHOULD KNOW.

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