Monday, October 16, 2017

Bruno Latour

Did  Eroski lose my order. Did they send it to somebody else. Fuck. I'm starving here with 5 boxes of Ferrero because Ferrero isn't real food.

That Bruno Latour piece made me feel like I had fallen for a scam. Maybe I did fall for a scam.

How do you feel about ontologists, Diary? The name intimidates most people. There is peer-reviewed science, then there is science that studies science, and you would expect there follows science that studies science that studies science.

So there is a big fire in Galicia and Portugal. It's hundreds of small fires rolled into one.I feel like God is losing patience with us, and with me specifically. I understand perfectly why God is losing patience with other people and why it's losing patience with me. Very different reasons- there are overlapped reasons but mostly very different. But I understand it. And I applaud it. I don't applaud people dying, losing your life and your home to fire is hell. But I applaud God showing its Judgment.

I almost received a Death Sentence yesterday.

Some animals look happy. Who knows.

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