Monday, October 9, 2017


Interesting thing, Diary.

When I was a kid, I saw no point in biography.  I don't know who was interested in biography as a kid, they must be special.

Anyway, I wasn't interested. I hadn't acquired a frame, a grand context yet. So why? I didn't know the World.

But now biography seems like the most interesting thing. I just want to tell you that now is when.


If you go back and wonder when have I lost interest in fiction- most fictions.


If you wonder why all fantasy novels suddenly lost their appeal. It's because they no longer expand my frame.

The frame only expands inwardly now.... no no, sorry. I mean, inwardly, also outwardly, in a very factual way. In a generic, yet specific, way. In a real way, a true way. It manages to tell the truth with 1/10000 words a fantasy novel does.

I couldn't see it before. I certainly couldn't see it as a kid.

I'm not saying any kid who could see it was better than me.

I think it comes down to . . .  trust.

I didn't "trust" the real world as a kid.

I trust the real world now. I trust it deeply. I rely on it. I mean, you know how I feel about it, but yes, I rely on it.

Now is when, Diary. Now is when.

It has always been the Beginning of the End  .

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