Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Why can't Spaniards speak English

You go through a few phases arriving at a supposedly modern city.

First you wish to honor the locals so you learn their native language.

Second you wonder why the fuck do these people not speak English for a supposedly modern city.

Multi-national corporation, too.

Why can't Europe learn from the US and employ great English-speaking people from call centers in India? What's with the stick up their ass?

I'm talking about Corte Ingles, of course. Or shops at the hottest tourists spots that have no one who can speak English.

It's funny because how easy it is to learn if you already speak Spanish.

Why would people, and corporations, who deal with English-speaking people, probably the majority of their client base, on a daily basis, not train or employ people who speak English?

More and more I realize the Anglosphere is actually pretty small. I hope it'll prevail.

Phones are seriously the most intrusive invention ever. Aside from its usefulness, it's annoying AS FUCK. Doorbells too. Any time they ring, they disrupt you immediately and instill such anxiety and rush into you that you have to get it within 10 seconds. For doorbells someone has to come to your door, but a phone call, anyone anywhere can fuck up your flow at any time they want.

I'm telling you, just to put things in perspective: this is equivalent to a man surviving in the wild discovering a panther, or a snek, hiding in the bushes over there and makes a hiss or something. It's the only time in the history of humanity that you are required to be alert and act in 10 seconds. As a part of daily life.

And here we thought we are out of the jungles and don't need those reflexes no more.


Maybe it's just me, but I have never received good news on a phone.  100 %  of good news I've received are on paper and via email.

Nor do I like to call people. I would rather stab them to get their attention than call.

Not to mention "push notification." Oh God. I went to a thing in Urban Airship while I was in Portland. Talk about devil's lair...  And just bc Linus Torvalds moved there does not mean it's going to be the second SV LOL. Tech scene in that town is about as laughable as it can get.

But back to topic.

It amazes me how the people of BCN can't be bothered to learn English at all. It is a city frozen in time. If the whole country is like this, it's a country frozen in time. You don't have to speak it all the time, hell, of course you don't. But at least don't be so incompetent at your job.

I'm constantly shocked by the kind of people that get paid a salary. I wonder. "They're better than people who are getting by on welfare" you might say.

But yeah, I guess my problem isn't with a welfare state, just the absolute inachievableness of meritocracy in any society ever. It's not a problem with socialism which they say is the transitional stage between previous and communism, it's communism.

Now it may surprise you, though it shouldn't, that I actually am quite familiar with many arguments fervent defenders of communism use. I remember this one in Luxembourg, you know, working in Luxembourg and a communist fanatic, said, we are all free to be creative once productivity is no longer a concern. Not only will we compete to produce and create, the merit and innovation generated by the masses will be immense.

It's - at first it's nice-looking, but it broke down immediately. I'm sitting here with "FUCK WHAT THE FUCK" going around in my head.

These people are dreamers man. Even with incentives people will not work. They will not learn and they don't want to learn. Socialism and Communism want to respect that wish, but at what cost, on what basis? Kill off all the GREATNESS in the world.

 You can interpret welfare in many ways. The only acceptable one in my opinion is to help those who need help, and NOT create a society where everyone can be lazy, meritless and useless. That's the fucking direction all these countries are going. How are they going to sustain on what they have, man?

With the aid of machine you might reduce the need of human contribution to simple labor, save a few critical jobs for the able-minded. But what kind of retarded maggots are you raising on the farm? How is this a different form of survival vs pre-civilization? Because more people live?

Why don't people want to better themselves? I don't get it. I don't get why people who can help themselves have to rely on other people's help, or counting on things worsening off so others will sink to their level. What kind of fucking shit is this.

Everything can be better. They CAN be better. They just aren't.

That doesn't bother the shit out of you?

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