Friday, September 22, 2017

This Timeline

Or "worldline", as they call it.

How far back are you willing to go?

Delving into the past... is delving into memory. It's not useless, but.

Maintain your image, doll. Don't destroy it.

Baby, you have to put it into words.

Oh... they call it "gender dysphoria", right now it's the least of concerns.

Admitting you're wrong is a big step.

The way of communication... the way of communication between brilliance!!!!!! is not what I hoped.

There is only . . . from a distance.

Downtime is reserved for easy, mindless activities...

... best collaborated with relaxed, mindless individuals.


It's righteous to choose happy fellers for bed and breakfast

but over a distance, platonically, be connected to so many others!


That is why a great mind can make choices based on basic reasons, just like anyone else would

Because this can only take place across space and time

and it's an unreasonable luxury to think... to even think that we can exist under the same roof...

the "Academy" is no more

the mentor / follower relationship has forever changed

Everyone has a fair chance to twist the truth and make a name for themselves


I weep for the loss of respect for GREATNESS and BRILLIANCE

but at times I do think

what do they... we... deserve.

What prestige do we deserve.


How is God going to judge us, Diary?

I am so tiny, so small. A hundred of us is so tiny, so small. A thousand. Ten thousand. There aren't over a hundred thousand.

It's so soothing to feel ... to see happiness flowing outside of you.

But this isn't a unique experience.

Adris Plainwood.

Somewhere over the plains

where Death has ignored . . .

Swept a gentle wind . . .

Elliptical Dune

Must not demand to feel consistency.



D O N ' T 

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