Friday, September 1, 2017

the power of ego-stroking

I didn't make the media buy btw. But it also occurs to me how important your ego is. I don't think millionaires or billionaires care about being taxed 10% more if it means more praise. They make a fuckton of money and use all sorts of means to evade taxes, behaving like they behave, because they think they're still doing a thankless job. They're trying to make up for the fact that no enough people praise them.

It is everyone's problem actually. The girls who post selfies esp the nudity, it's because they don't receive enough complement irl. The moms who post baby pictures often is because there isn't enough appreciation in her life. Men who stand out because they take grooming a little too far. Everyone, everyone.

Cept very few various people who don't need to compensate for one reason or another and people who can't even make basic ends meet. We have to acknowledge the attention/praise deficit.

It sounds useless and inane as ever to say "if everyone treats each other a bit better, the world would be a better place".  Fact is, I'm not saying I like it- the more scarce the compliment is, the greater effect it has when given or received.

Sometimes I can't be sure what an ideal society should look like. I have identified a very objective, very real, very verified set of rules for measuring a number of things, and I feel so adamantly that all people should only worship the best, and they must worship the best and follow it.

But we aren't in a worshipping society. Maybe humanity was never in a meritocracy.

I have to think more about it.

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