Thursday, September 21, 2017

The decline of pedophiles' social position over the last decade

Bellick should really work in HR. He recruited Sara, recruited Bob, etc. etc. I mean if he can get the governor's daughter to work in Fox River...

Anyway. Just a little over 10 years ago, a pedophile would have some sort of "prestige" in prison. People respected T bag, got him little boys, etc.

Look at it now. Being a pedophile is one of the worst things on earth. Time sure has changed, and on this subject matter it has changed a lot. Can you imagine in today's prison, a pedophile would receive this treatment? I think I saw on multiple occasions that pedophiles are the most hated group in prison -  and in society, in general, today.

I mean it's staggering and I can't get over it. How did people worship pedophiles back in the day? T Bag had his whole gang. Not only white supremacists, but they dig it that he raped little boys and girls.

Oh well. I think this is the last time I'm watching Prison Break. It's not about this or anything, it's just I think I have wholly refreshed my memory. I think I picked up on all the cues and details I didn't the last time, which was the first time. And if I want to revisit the series, it's going to be S01E06-10. First season is truly the best. The whole Sona chicken feet, the search for Scylla etc, doesn't really interest me.

I don't know what to say. Like I said TV is probably over for me, just like anime.

I always wondered when things will start to kill off. Die off. Kill themselves off. Anyways. Just like I want to know how I feel every year, every month, every week. That's why I have these records, right? It records every turning point of my life. Little turning points. I don't write the big ones.

Watch nature.

Pay attention to the hurricanes.

Real currencies vs coins.

The political shitstorms blowing all around.


Oh God Diary. I can't. I can't get through 10 pages of notes a day while I'm producing about 30, if I really go at it. Good God. If life is make, take and understand, this is...

I can't have these old notes piling up... there are too many. God. Good God. Member those days where I lugged them all over the world? Good Lord. Stuffed my suitcase. Here & there & back again. Books of old notes. Good Lord. I still haven't gotten through them all till this day.

God it makes my head hurt. If I brought them with me, to Europe, they would've visited all continents minus one. NOTES FROM 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

That's 7 years Diary!!!!!!!!

7 YEARS!!!!!!!!  That's why I make a point to not do that again these days, which means I have to go through notes FAST.

Every day there is about a hundred billion moments where I doubt if I'm dumb.

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