Sunday, September 3, 2017

Somebody is cooking good seafood out there!!

This morning I woke up in my own pool of blood... no, I just mean it's a lot, and I went taking a shower, only got a little on my leg before I got dressed again.

Then I started smelling this GREAT SEAFOOD STEW!!!!!!!!!!!!  My window has been open for ten minutes and I can smell it in every room!

Who's cooking dis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It's SO... Oh!!! It smells so yummy. Oh My God.  Oh Good Lord. Oh it smells so good.

I wish, you know, I wish I can smell the recipe!!  It's been in the pot for sometime, you know, it smells mature... I mean, rich... and, there is definitely... shellfish... and... maybe... octopus...

Oh wait it's gone. They ate it.

Oh My God.

I can never give up cooking, diary. Food is part of humanity. I'm not a machine, I can't just oil up myself and go.

Oh Good Lord. But it makes me so happy. I admit I'm histrionic sometimes, and not all my moods have a reason. I am feminine like that.

Let's do something today, OK?

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