Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Old Game

Revisited an old game today. My favorite.

Lost disk two and every new copy I acquired it has an error msg. I didn't actually read it until yesterday, just missing files & dir. I fixed the directory and...

Oh God Diary.

It's too much to contain here.

It's made in 2000.

I played in 2000.

Along with Rayman. Except, 17 years later, I found this has shaped my worldview.

This is a big part of my value system, my life...

and 17 years I didn't revisit it.

There are too many details I didn't pay attention to as a kid... to many subtleties I didn't understand.

I do now. Instantly.

I can even see that this isn't a perfect story, and it reduces humanity to...

but I...

It's good to finally have clarity. It's the best Outside Context I've gained.

The frame is superb.

I admire the one who wrote the story, therefore I will forbid myself from seeking...

Let it be a perfect memory.

God. Everything makes so much sense now.

The story, it explores your insight of yourself, and more importantly, the relationship you have with yourself.

I have to Go.

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