Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Old Dreams

I haven't talked to you about dreams because they weren't particularly interesting of late.

Rather, harrowing.

Last night I did have a memorable dream.

You just remember the last scene where I confronted 3-4 people that should represent a whole country who basically sneered at my concern for human rights.

At that moment I snapped back to consciousness knowing there are monsters in people. I finally understood, once and for all, why we can't judge people solely by their actions, because they may be doing the same thing for wildly different reasons, and that itself makes a whole lot of difference. I'm a... nonconsequentialist now, I suppose. I may give Intricate Ethics another read, it may not be as bad as I thought.

I know it sounds like common sense and all, but in search for absoluteness I may have jumped to myopic conclusions. I'm sorry. At least no one suffered because of it. I have discovered it in time.

I'm sorry.

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