Saturday, September 30, 2017

nap time

I'm reminded of what people don't want to be reminded of.

Also I wonder if I'll dream I'm in school for the rest of my life... even though there is a Palace there...

some people came after me with long scissors.  I genuinely feel like that's the sort of hate I would get. Like if someone hates me, it's got to be because of that reason.

What did it remind me of? Yeah, I might as well say it. You may never remind others of what you have that they don't have. Never. In the dream, I and my best friend moved into a Palace, and before we went, we went to our dorm to get our stuff. And the girls there were mad jealous. It wasn't our doing, someone moved us to the Palace, so I was like "huh? what's happening?" and the girls thought I was rubbing it in their faces. So they came after us with long scissors.

It only makes me like people even less.

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